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Why we are different specialises in providing “self-help” assistance to people who are looking to get a CCJ removed from their credit file. We provide a “self-help service” where we will help you to navigate through the court  process to achieve this objective.

Our service is the cheapest on the market, we charge a fixed fee of £199.00 for most documents that you will need help with.

We will help you with the paperwork…

Most CCJs, especially the more common ones for a Parking Fine for example are quite small, usually between £2 – £300 and they are normally dealt with by way of a “Consent Order”. This is a special legal agreement that needs to be signed by both parties and presents the legal reasons why the court should allow the Judgement to be removed from your credit file. This is not straight forward at all and it is imperative that this document is drafted correctly in order for the court to approve it.

That’s where we come in, please complete our full application here (Link) and this will give us all the details we need to provide you with a template of a suitable Consent Order. As outlined our fee to draft this for you, based on the information that you provide to us is £199.00.

Once you have this document you will then need to send this to the claimant in order to get them to sign and return it to you. Please understand that the service that we deliver is simply the drafting of the Consent Order, we do not act on your behalf or contact the court or the claimant, we simply provide you with a correctly drafted document for you to use.

Once you get back the signed Consent Order from the claimant, which can take 4-6 weeks, this needs to sent to the court that the CCJ was issued from with a fee of £100, payable to HMCTS Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service. This will then be processed and placed before a Judge and if the Judge is happy that the document has been Drafted Correctly, Signed Properly and it meets the relevant Sections of Law the Judge should approve it and the CCJ will be “Set Aside” which means removed.

You must be aware however that just because you and the claimant agree that the CCJ can be removed there is no guarantee that the court will approve it. In most cases there will be no issue, however in some cases the court may have additional questions and will write to you and ask those questions before approving your consent order. The court will take 6-8 weeks before responding so you must bear this in mind before you call the court and chase them for an update.

We will help with the Court Forms…

It may be that the court refuse your consent order and this may mean that you will have to make an application using form N244, once again we can help you to complete this correctly specifying the significant legal reasons why the CCJ should be removed.

Often people write the wrong reasons or use the court process as an opportunity to complain about how unfair a CCJ is, that might very well be the case but often does not add any legal value to your case. If you need help with completing an N244 Application Notice then we can help with this for a fee of £199.00.

Again however, we are simply using the information that you have provided using our full application form (Link Here) to ensure that the form has been properly completed. When you submit this to the court this needs to be submitted along with the court fee of £255 payable to HMCTS Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service. This will then be processed and you will be informed of your hearing date, which may very well be a telephone hearing.  

The court will take 6-8 weeks before responding so you must bear this in mind before you call the court and chase them for an update and the hearing itself could be a few months after they send the Notice of Hearing.

A little Bit of Help when you need it….

Our service is exactly that, “A little bit of help when you need it” we are here to help you to achieve the removal your CCJ by yourself, we just make sure that the documents that you are using are correct and that the information that you send to us is correctly presented in a legal manner.

If you are looking for a more robust service then we can recommend a number of partners that offer a full service, of course at a higher cost. This service is for those who want to keep costs down and are happy to do most of the work themselves.

Speedy Delivery of Documents

Once you have submitted your full application and we have received you fee payment on-line we will start the process and we will aim to respond with your required documents in 24 hours. This is also the fastest service on the market we believe.

We look forward to hearing from you we are here to help call us on 0345 548 200 and you can leave your details and one of our advisors will call you back. Please be aware the service we provide is a very basic service and it is not designed for complex or large value claims and it is not a substitute for formal legal advice.

In order to start the process you will need a copy of your credit report, if you don’t have access to it you can do so here (Link to Check My File) where you can get a free 30 days trial of Checkmyfile .com with whom we work very closely.

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