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What is a CCJ and how will it affect me?

A County Court Judgment, or CCJ, as it’s known, is a judgment against you for a debt you haven’t paid and stays on your record for six years. It doesn’t matter how trivial it seems; it can have a huge impact on your life. It affects your credit score and credit report This can often include being declined for all forms of credit such as credit cards, mortgages, car finance and it can even stop you from getting a job!

A CCJ can be for a ridiculously small amount of money, you may have incurred a parking charge in a previously owned vehicle registered to an old address. It could be for Service & Maintenance Charges for an address that you don’t live at? Perhaps it is an old Utility Bill for a previous residential or business address? It could be an old mobile phone contract?

The list is endless, but in most cases, you will not have received the Court Claim Form and as such not replied. As such the court will have ruled in absence of a reply from you that you owe the money and issued you with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) – and that’s when the CCJ chaos begins…and you find yourself with a big problem…You might not even know there’s is a CCJ against your name and this happens all the time.  

Many of our clients discover that they have a CCJ when they apply for credit and get declined, others are informed by a mortgage broker or their employer.

You’re notified about your CCJ by post, so if you change address or the court papers go to the wrong address, it probably not find you. There are rules that require the claimant to check that they are dealing with the correct address but in most cases they just use the last known address.

And that’s your nightmare.  Because as far as the court knows, you owe money and you’re not paying.  And the details of the CCJ are all about you, and not about the person to whom you allegedly owe the money. So, it’s your problem to sort out.

So how do I remove my CCJ?

We are a specialist service and we can help you to remove your CCJ – if you have legal grounds to do so. The process is very complex and there are several factors involved that can change the approach that you take. The approach taken varies depending on whether you accept the debt. Or do you dispute it? If you received the court papers, or you didn’t.

If you decide to engage our services, we will contact the court and get a copy of the court papers, we will mediate with the claimant and explore if an agreement can be reached for the CCJ to be removed. If this cannot be agreed – or you dispute the debt in its entirety, then we will refer your case to a Barrister for them to draft a legally sound application to the court supported by a detailed witness statement.

The starting point however is to call us for a free assessment of your case so we can establish that your case does meet the relevant sections of law and we can make a legal case to have your CCJ removed.

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