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CCJ Removal Solicitors - do you need one? can remove your CCJ at a fraction of the cost!

The Remove My CCJ team have an depth knowledge and experience of how to deal with every aspect of County Court Judgments (CCJ) Removal without the need to go to a solicitors. 

We have helped hundreds of people successfully remove a CCJ placed on their credit file, at a fraction of the price of a solicitor and helped many who have tried to do it themselves. While the forms look simple it is very easy to make a mistake and land yourself in even more trouble.

We can advise you on;

1. How to act fast so you can help yourself remove the CCJ before it causes any harm at all
2. Assess how the CCJ came to be on your file
3. Assist with court paperwork, evidence and representation
3. Call the Claimant and confirm the details of the CCJ
4. Assist in arranging an agreement with the creditor consent to remove the CCJ and necessary Court application and ensure it is legally correct
5. Make the necessary preparations to apply for the CCJ to be set aside

Our fees are transparent from day one and can save you up to 75% of the cost of using a CCJ removal solicitors