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Terms & Conditions of Services

Remove My CCJ Ltd provides basic guidance and document templates regarding the removal of a CCJ. The Remove My CCJ Ltd service is a “self-help” support and guidance service, and it is NOT a substitute for legal advice from a Solicitor or other legal firm. At no stage will Remove My CCJ Ltd formerly represent you or act for you in Court. If you do require this service, we can refer you to our associates, who offer a more comprehensive legal service. You accept the following terms regarding the service that we are delivering:


  1. Remove My CCJ Ltd are using the information that has been provided by you only to help you to complete the required court forms and documents as required.
  2. We are not responsible should it later transpire that the information provided by you was incorrect and this results in you being unsuccessful.
  3. We will NOT contact the court or the claimant to check if any information provided by you is correct or incorrect. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information is correct prior to you submitting the information to us.
  4. If you have any documents regarding your case, you MUST submit them to us so that we have as much information as possible regarding your case.
  5. This is a document template service, once we have provided you with your document our service is complete, and it will be your responsibility to progress your case and see the process through with the claimant and the court by yourself.
  6. You are paying for us to help you try and achieve your objective of removing a CCJ from your credit report. Payment for the service does not guarantee this outcome under any circumstances whatsoever. You are paying for help with the required documents as per Point 3 of these terms.
  7. Once your document has been produced you can ask us to amend it TWICE without a further fee being paid.
  8. If after our initial review of your case, we establish that you do not have legal grounds to have your CCJ removed we will refund your £199 fee less a £49 admin fee deduction to cover our time reviewing your case. You may if you wish still continue with your case against our guidance, in this case we will ask you to sign a disclaimer to acknowledge that you are continuing with your case against our guidance.
  9. You accept that you are responsible for the facts surrounding your case and the documents that you submit to the court are entirely your responsibility If there are any errors or omissions it is your responsibility to check that the document is correct prior to submission to the court.
  10. You accept that you are responsible for any costs incurred if your case is refused by the court and you are ordered to pay the claimants costs by the court.
  11. You accept that if you are required to attend court that you will do and that you are fully aware that we cannot act for you in court. If you require court representation, we can refer you to another firm.
  12. All contact with Remove My CCJ Ltd will be by email once you have paid for the service. Unless you have paid for the 30-minute telephone consultation.
  13. The 30-minute telephone consultation is a structured call between you and one of our advisors. 30-minutes is the maximum time allowed or another booking will be required. There is no part refund for any unused time and the consultation can only take place in one call not split over multiple calls.
  14. None of our services include any court fees, which are payable directly to the court.